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Read the bylaws of this Nation. They are extremely short and easy to understand:

For moderation issues, e-mail Admins. No whining.

That's it.

I have found through long years of bitter experience that having multiple admins/moderators only adds to the VOLUNTEER UNPAID workload of someone who is merely a site user like you. Groups of Admins end up arguing about arguing, everyone has different ideas of what the Code of Honor entails, and then simmering user conflicts never end up getting resolved in any event.

And it's impossible one VOLUNTEER UNPAID site user to read every comment on every thread anyway. So. Two points:

1. For pete's sake, act like adults. Most of you know where the lines are and the buttons that shouldn't be pushed. So don't cross those lines or push those buttons. I'm not here to mediate among a gaggle of bickering kindergartners.

2. [TEMPORARY NOTE: The Admin Contact Author function isn't working right now. To contact Admin, e-mail until further notice] If you do see a violation that has to be moderated, especially really bad ones like deathwishing, go to the Nation Members page, click on Admins, click on my profile and email me using the Newsvine Contact Author function, including a link to the relevant comment thread. I almost certainly will not e-mail a reply, rather, I'll weigh in on the thread.

Everybody got that? If it's petty crap, don't waste my frickin' time. If it's something that really can't be tolerated, contact me.